These items can be purchased at Rafter D, Byron Feed, or any local feed store. Most items average $20 each, excluding the barrels of Stable mix which are $75 each and the tubs of psyllium which are $45 each. 

We also accept donations toward the purchase of these items, as well. Click here to make a donation. Donations of any kind can be also dropped off at the ranch 3460 Orwood Road in Brentwood. Please check back often as our needs are always changing. 

Monthly FEED list:

8 bags Nutrena Safe Choice Senior for horse

15 bags Mini Pig Pellets

4 bags layer chicken crumble

2 bag chicken scratch

1 bag rabbit pellets

2 barrels of Stable mix for horse

4 bags sheep grain or all stock

2 tubs psyllium

3 bales alfalfa/grass mix

3 bale oat hay

fruits and veggies (scraps from home/local restaurants are great, as long as there is no mold)


Thank you in advance for the support!

Monthly Feed List